Dear Social Worker,

May these products serve as your permission slip to slow down, turn inward, and offer yourself the same encouragement, compassion, and gentle care you so often give to others.

Amy Pinnell, Sensitive Social Worker

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Radical self-compassion is essential for burnout prevention.

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Sarah Scott Dooling, Social Worker and Play Therapist, offers praise for the Love Notes for Social Workers Card Deck. She can be found @healwithplay on Instagram.


"Amy has created a magical resource that will guide you in cultivating a compassionate and supportive inner voice that will help you survive and thrive in this work. 

These cards say all the things we wish someone would say to us after one of those exhausting, soul-crushing, social working days.

Invest in these notes immediately!  Consider putting a batch in your car, a few in your lunch box, under your pillow, in your pocket - everywhere!  Tuck them into all OVER so that you can feel huge doses of love and compassion all week long".  

- Sarah Scott Dooling

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All writing and artwork for these products were lovingly created by me, Amy Pinnell! I'm a Highly Sensitive Social Worker and Therapist and I'm passionate about Social Worker burnout prevention & well-being.

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