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Love Notes for Social Workers - Card Deck

Love Notes for Social Workers - Card Deck

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This card deck is a collection of 34 love notes for the hard-working Social Worker who gives so much to others they sometimes forget to take care of themselves.

Each message and drawing was mindfully created by Amy Pinnell, a Highly Sensitive Social Worker herself. 

The cards are 2.5 x 3.5 (the size of a standard playing card deck) and printed on sturdy 130lb semi glossy card stock. The card deck comes in a 4x6 inch drawstring organza bag for easy travel. 

This deck was designed to be easily slipped into a travelling Social Worker's purse, or set up for display on an office desk. 

If you know a Social Worker, you know what a light they are in this world! This is the perfect gift to show them how loved and appreciated they are. 

If you ARE a Social Worker, my hope is that this card deck will serve as your permission slip to slow down, turn inward, and offer yourself the same encouragement, compassion, and gentle care you so often give to others.


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